Word Up

A Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century

Mark McCrindle deserves a medal. Mapless, he's entered the alien terrains of text-speak, web slang, Gen-Z dialect, among other domains, and returned with a guidebook should we ever lose our way.

David Astle - Co-host of Letters and Numbers (SBS TV), columnist & crossword compiler

For more than a decade, author Mark McCrindle has been researching the emerging generations and the words they use, which both create and define their sub-cultures. Drawing on surveys, focus groups, studies, statistics and online research, Word Up is an analysis of our ever-changing language and patterns of communication.

Word Up is a lexicon of 21st century youth slang, an overview of the factors shaping language, literacy, manners, and social interactions, and a guide to bridging communication gaps.

For educators, employers, leaders and parents who rely on technology and spoken and written communications to influence and engage across the generations, Word up is an invaluable guide.

A fascinating insight into how English changes, a quirky look at youth slang today, and a window into the minds of the different generations.

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Word Up by Mark McCrindle