Mark McCrindle

Mark’s highly valued research and reports have developed his renown as a futurist, demographer and social commentator. Mark is highly regarded for his engaging presentations whether they be keynote addresses at conferences, boardroom briefings or facilitated workshops.

Mark’s understanding of the key social trends as well as his engaging communication style places him in high demand in the press, on radio and on television shows including Wake Up, Sunrise, Today, ABC News 24, ABC Breakfast and The Morning Show.

Mark is able to tailor his expertise, research, and analysis to suit your specific needs. To see some examples of presentations Mark has recently delivered, please click here.

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To check a date or enquire further about Mark’s presentations, please contact us here or call McCrindle on 02 8824 3422.


Mark McCrindle Social Researcher and Demographer
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Keynote Topics

Download Mark McCrindle’s latest and most requested keynote topics, which includes:

Social Networking, Social Media, Social Business:

Emerging technologies, new strategies

New Consumers, Diverse Generations, Emerging Segments:

Engaging with the ever changing customer

Demographic Shifts, Social Trends, Future Forecasts:

Connecting with today’s communities

Know the Times, Shape the Trends:

Engaging with key trends redefining our society

Communication Skills for the 21st Century:

Getting effective cut through in our message saturated society

Leading Teams in Changing Times:

Motivating & leading teams in 21st Century times

Strategic Trends Forum:

Strategic analysis of the external environment