Strategic Research

The eight phases to our Strategic Research Model begin with the areas covered by traditional research but take the research data and apply it to the business operations.  Data and research is an asset, yet many organisations end up warehousing this valuable asset because it has not been designed functionally, communicated effectively, nor implemented strategically.  The massive problem with a warehoused research asset is that it ages and depreciates quickly to the point that the investment in this significant research becomes largely wasted.  Our methodologies and experience show that with a small investment in clever design, innovative communication of the findings and strategic facilitation can maximise the research investment and transform products, operations and organisations.

Strategic Research Model

Our research approach is scientific based and engagement focused- we use robust methodologies and proven approaches as well as interactive technologies and innovative methods to best engage with people and understand communities, customers and consumers.

8 Phases


Good research asks good questions, and this begins at the briefing stage.  The history, the context and the current needs inform and shape the process.


While we’re known for our innovative output forms, it’s our innovative research methods and effective research process which ensure actionable outcomes.


From environmental scans to industry assessments, from demographic analysis to reviewing existing reports, our approach is to maximise the existing research assets.


Conducting research, whether it be qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic or meta-analysis, is central to our process- it is the core, but it’s not the whole. 


Our focus of building the bridge between the research data and the business operations, enables us to multi-layer the data, identify the patterns and develop the insights.


When research tells a story, when it can be seen and not just read, when it is communicated in accessible and understandable ways, only then can it be understood across the organisation and applied to make a difference.


Research is not an end in itself, but conducted so that answers can be found, improvements made, consumers identified and solutions applied.  Through our report recommendations, strategy sessions, staff workshops, communications collateral, video summaries and ongoing strategic consulting, we ensure the research becomes a growth asset not a cost.


Our strategic research model is focused on adding value and ensuring that the research has an ongoing impact for our clients.  And this is assisted through our long term commitment to ongoing engagement and review process.

Our research pack provides more background on some of our most requested market and social research projects and our research case studies provides some examples of recent projects.

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