Challenges facing not-for-profits

Thinking for tomorrow, planning today

Our social research and trends analysis consistently highlights the speed, scale and scope of change. Only occasionally in history do massive demographic shifts combined with rapid social change, huge generational transitions and ongoing technology trends so that within the span of a decade, society altogether alters. Today we are in the midst of one such transformative decade- which will take us to 2020. Our partners in the Australian Community Trends Report are the team at R2L and their Principal John Rose here provides his top 7 tips for not-for-profit organisations.

  • Speak to your context


Understand your organisation’s key client segments and their values, knowledge and concerns.


  • Be seen and known


Position your organisation to be recognised as thought-leaders, influencers, and innovators.


  • Inspire and engage


Provide a positive experience for donors, clients and beneficiaries so that they not only feel part of your organisation, but part of the issue that your organisation supports.


  • Finesse, fine-tune and focus


Focus on the important messages and discard what is not essential.


  • Communicate the need, and plan for the long-term


Finance the future, don’t just fundraise for the now but set up the financial future of your organisation.


  • Act as a leader


Lead not only your team, but your cause and your stakeholder community.


  • Be the agent of change


Be accountable and demonstrate the change that your organisation is making.


Australia Towards 2031

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