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The benefits of putting data at the heart of a PR campaign

Here at McCrindle, we believe data tells a story. While we work with numbers and statistics on a daily basis, we are also acutely aware that these numbers represent people’s beliefs, opinions and values. We value them because it paints a picture of the sentiments of a group of people and creates a skeleton for making decisions and directing strategy. Adding these perspectives to the heart of your next PR campaign will do just that and will set your next campaign apart!

In a sceptical world, data adds credibility to your message

In a world that requires fact-checking because of increased scepticism, your message can be set apart by including the facts first-hand. Incorporating data points representative of the population will add credibility to your message and allow you to draw context to your campaign message. Data allows you to build upon your idea with robust evidence while diminishing suspicion from your audience. Reduce scepticism in your next campaign and set it apart by adding credibility to your message.

Data cuts through the noise of media and speaks directly to what your PR campaign addresses

Today, it takes less than one second for Google to return millions of results against the topic in your search bar. With this increasing amount of information, how do you know which to look at? It is important to have data that cuts through the noise of media and sources. Tailoring your headlines and statements which speak directly to your campaign and delivering this with evidence will cut through the noise of the media and allow you to pick up your desired traction. Draw attention to your message by including relevant data that speaks directly to your campaign.

Get an idea for what people think, so you can communicate the right message and speak to their needs

When presenting ideas in your campaign, it’s important to speak directly to the needs of your audience. Capturing people’s sentiments beforehand via up-to-date data will ensure you are creating the right message and speaking directly to their needs. As we’ve experienced with data representative of Australians, the audience will be able to relate to the data you’ve presented as it is truly representative. This facilitates additional buy in and trust in your message. Including contextual data of Australians (or your target audience, whether that be in Australia or beyond) will allow you to target your campaign and achieve the right messaging while capturing desired attention.

Add credibility, tailored messaging and speak directly to the needs of your target audience with data for your next PR campaign.

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