We’re always keen to share the insights and findings that come about through our research. We make this information freely available through our website, blog, and the many different publications in which our work appears.


You can access our findings, our ideas and our passion for research in a wide variety of media – best-selling books, award winning reports, in-demand infographics and a widely-referenced blog.


All of our services are designed with one end in mind – to make the unknown known. From national consumer studies to quick turn-around online surveys, from brand tracking analysis to community forums, we deploy the right suite of skills and processes that are needed to find the answers.


Over the years we’ve developed a range of data-analysis tools. But our real strength lies in the team that employs them. Analysis requires skill and intuition to find the story in the data and bring insight from information.


In a world of ‘big data’, we’re for visual data. Our design team is passionate about bringing our findings to life through illustration and animation. We create reports and presentations that are immersive, stimulating and memorable.


Research is a precise tool, but it’s as multi-functional as a Swiss Army knife! Organisations come to us to gain the outcomes of greater knowledge and insights into what we call the ‘3Ps’ – People, Products and Places.


‘Knowing the times’ starts with knowing what’s happening today. That’s why we make sure our blog page is current and reflects contemporary trends. But, that said, you can delve into the recent past as our archive contains hundreds of posts.

In The Media

We’re honoured that the integrity of our research has earned us a prominent place in national and international media. From one week to the next, we’re asked to share our findings on television, radio, and in nationwide publications.

Segmentation Analysis

Communities are becoming more diverse, consumer groups more fragmented. We study the emerging subgroups to define and segment attitudes and behaviours across generations and cultures.

Population Trends

The combination of population growth and increasing mobility is changing our world. Our demographic modelling identifies population trends and helps our clients plan for the future.

Data Analysis

While a ‘picture tells a thousand words’, numbers also tell a story. We analyse data to identify patterns, correlations, and trends and then create pictures to reveal these hidden truths.


Design is crucial to making research effective. Our team works in all media – print, digital, video – to create engaging, visual reports that communicate clearly and inspire strategic thinking.

Animated Videos

It’s a tradition to tell stories as a way of explaining the world. The beauty of motion graphics is that they allow us to turn our research into stories that are easy to understand and easy to share.

Index Development

To make our work more interactive and personalised, we have developed world-class, research-based indexes and consumer instruments for some of Australia’s most recognised brands.

Brand Tracking

A brand is always responding to the internal forces of an organisation and the external forces of a fast-evolving market. Our role is to understand these forces to help achieve category dominance.

Product Development

The age-old challenge is this: ‘Do we find out what the consumer wants, or do we show them something they didn’t know they actually need?’ Do we lead or follow? Only research can answer this question.

Market Testing

There’s a critical stage in advertising development – the leap from strategy to creative execution. Consumer testing at this moment can provide valuable guidance in fine-tuning and validating an idea.

Geographic Mapping

Combining research with design and visualisation allows us to overlay data and insights onto topographical maps. This creates an interactive picture of current and prospective markets.

Demographic Modelling

As communities grow and evolve, we combine trend analysis with demographic modelling tools to create multi-layered population profiles that give predictive insights into communities.

Future Forecasting

The future is not a place at which we arrive but something we create. As researchers, we do more than help leaders observe the trends that are shaping our destiny. We help them play a dynamic role in enacting change.