We're here to provide you a clearer picture in a complex world.

Our research is robust, and our advice is independent and jargon-free. We've been supporting the education sector for many years, providing actionable insights, not confusing spreadsheets.


Our approach involves four key stages

Define your community

We develop a customised catchment based on your unique enrolment data to identify your school's geographic market with precision. We map your enrolled students, showing trends over time from past, current and future enrolments, and provide you with this interactive map of your enrolment data for ongoing use.

Analyse demographic data

We delve into ABS datasets to discover the truth about your catchment. Exploring population trends and social shifts like cultural diversity, income levels, growth pockets and more.

Explore growth

Gain insights into the changing population trends in your area, understand the competitive landscape around your school and use population trends to explore how viable your projected enrolments might be.

Deliver insights to inform strategies

All this information is packaged in an easy to understand comprehensive report, alongside an interactive map of your enrolments. McCrindle demographers will also present the insights to your leadership team and/or school board.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

A demographic scan takes five weeks, however, let us know your key deadlines and we will see what is possible

How do we define the catchment area?

We let the data speak by using the location of your students to determine the catchment area. This is then combined with your insight of how the catchment area might be changing over time.

Can I add extra items into the package?

Yes absolutely, we would love to help, just let us know what you have in mind and we will explore how we can create a customised package for you.

Can your reports be relied upon by external funding authorities such as grant funding from peak bodies / government?

Yes, we work closely with peak industry bodies like the Association of Independent Schools to ensure that our methodology is best-practice and providing external decision-makers the best possible information to inform important funding decisions.

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