As Australians, we love the chance to give back to our mothers, especially on Mother’s Day. For many Australians, Mother’s Day is regarded as the most meaningful special day, superseding the importance of Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day. McCrindle recently surveyed 1,013 Australians and found that mums are our most influential life shaper, and that more than two in five (43%) Aussies tell their mum they love her at least every month or so.

Mums our most influential life shaper

Mothers, fathers and spouses are the people who influence us most, in that order.
For two in five (41%) Aussies, their mother has had the biggest influence on shaping who they are today. For 23% of Aussies, mothers have been the second biggest influencer in shaping them.
For one in five (21%) their father has shaped them the most, and for 12% it has been their spouse who has shaped them the most.

Communicating messages of love to our mums

More than two in five (43%) Aussies tell their mum they love her at least every month or so. Almost one in three (31%) tell their mother that they love her at least every week or so, and one in six (15%), they tell their mum they love her every day or so.

Other facts on Aussie mums

  • The median age of first-time mums is 30.5 – up from 29 in 2011 – with women aged 30-34 having the highest fertility rate of 123 babies per 1,000 women. Mums today are most likely to be naming their newborns Oliver, William, Jack, Noah for a boy, or Charlotte, Olivia, Ava and Amelia for a girl.
  • The average children per household in Australia is 1.8
  • According to the latest Census results, in 2016, mums made up at least 77% of Australian women aged 15 years and over, and at least 20% of women aged 20-29 were mums.
  • Aussie mums are parenting 5.5 million children in Australia.

About this study

This research was conducted by McCrindle Research in April 2018 based on a nationwide study of 1,013 respondents, and the facts on Aussie mums are gathered from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Births Deaths and Marriages.

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