Over the last decade, there has been an increasing global focus on looking after the environment. To increase awareness and action around the protection of the environment, the United Nations has created a World Environment Day. In light of this, we take a look at how important this issue is to Australians and the next generation – Generation Alpha.

Australians are need responders

Our 2021 Australian Communities report found Australians are increasingly need responders, looking for opportunities to give to and support organisations as the need arises, more so than finding continued opportunities to support a cause. World Environment Day presents the perfect opportunity for Aussies who are need responders to jump on board and think about the difference they can make.

An issue at the forefront for Generation Alpha

In the research for our latest book, the theme of Generation Alpha being an environmentally conscious generation came up numerous times. So how and why is this a key among this emerging generation of children?

Generation Alpha are being influenced by their environmentally conscious older Gen Z counterparts, and both emerging generations are using their voice to speak up on broader social issues – even at home. According to a survey we conducted of parents, 80 per cent said their child/ren have influenced their actions or consumption decisions, making them more environmentally aware. In addition to the influence of Gen Z on their concern for the environment, the products, toys, shows and entertainment that Generation Alpha engage with are also increasingly focusing on environmental issues, which is also having an impact on them.

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