Generation Y and Generation Z currently comprise 48% of the workforce. By 2030, they will make up 68% of the workforce. This means they are an important demographic to be thinking about as the current and future event attendee.

These emerging generations have a different mindset to their older counterparts and are characterised by a new way of seeing reality, influenced greatly by technology and the information age. They are the most mobile and technologically integrated generation ever. They prioritise lifestyle and experiences over ‘stuff’.

Their perspective is a global one, and they are likely to be more in tune with what’s going on around the world than with their neighbor. They engage in a visual world and this is reflected in their web search habits, being more likely to use YouTube over Google, because why would they read it when they can watch it?

What it means for event planners:
• The demand for live experiences is growing across the generational board but particularly amongst the emerging generations as nine in ten have attended a live event in the past year .
• Generation Y and Generation Z are looking for the experiential element of an event as well as an opportunity to forge meaningful connections with others.
• The new generations are visual, digital, and social; make sure they can see it, interact with it and share it.