McCrindle Research | Australia top 100 baby names 2011Last month we released a little infographic outlining the trends in motherhood and baby names. It included some very interesting trends including variations in spelling (as you will see in the list below), but we only included the top ten Aussie baby names from 2011 in the infographic.

Here’s a list of the top twenty girls and boys names, and you can download the top 100 in PDF format below the table.

1 Lily / Lilly William 11 Emily Joshua
2 Ruby / Rubi Jack 12 Ava Liam
3 Chloe Ethan 13 Amelia Jacob
4 Mia Oliver 14 Grace Samuel
5 Olivia Lucas 15 Sofia / Sophia Benjamin
6 Isabella Noah 16 Zoe Riley
7 Charlotte Lachlan 17 Madison / Maddison Max
8 Sophie Cooper 18 Isabel / Isabelle Alexander
9 Sienna Thomas 19 Matilda Charlie
10 Ella James 20 Lucy Xavier

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