1. Less than half of all Australians (45%) own a Bible
  2. Less than 1 in 3 Generation Y’s (32%) own a Bible
  3. Sydney is Australia’s Bible reading capital accessing the Bible online almost seven times as much as Darwin (2.67 page views per resident compared to 0.39)
  4. Richmond in Melbourne is the Nation’s leading Bible reading suburb with 3.86 online reads per resident in 2013
  5. Residents of Warrnambool, Victoria read the Bible online the longest (13 minutes 40 seconds per visit) with Gladstone, Queensland residents reading for the shortest period (4 minutes, 20 seconds per visit)
  6. “The Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 6) is Australia’s most accessed Bible passage
  7. John 3:16 is Australia’s most accessed Bible verse
  8. Love, faith and joy are the most searched Bible keywords
  9. Online reading exceeds hard-copy reading. (Last year Australians accessed the Bible online (Biblegateway.com) almost 50 million times. If each of the Bibles Australian adults personally own were read even 6 times per year, there would still be more Bible reading conducted online.)
  10. Of all Australians who identified their religion as Christianity in the Census, only 3 in 4 own a Bible and only 1 in 4 attend a church at least once per month.

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