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Australians and the recovery from COVID-19


Australians and the recovery from COVID-19

Event Date: 28/05/2020 11:00 am

Understanding the road ahead and leading amidst the new normal

Our original March 2020 COVID-19 study showed the impacts have been felt in almost every aspect of everyday life – from how we participate in community to how we shop, work, travel, exercise, connect and engage. This May study has taken another pulse of Australians and based on the experiences and perspectives of the community, plots a path out of the crisis.

During these times of great of change, people look for confidence, direction, and a sense of where things are at from leaders.

Join us for this short webinar where you’ll hear the insights from this latest round of research about how Australians have responded and changed due to COVID-19. We will also look at what this means for a different future and how we can best respond and lead in a ‘new normal’.


  • Research insights: How Australians have been changed by COVID-19
  • Leadership in the ‘new normal’: The implications for leaders, teams and communities
  • Q&A


Ashley Fell

Director of Advisory at McCrindle

Mark McCrindle

Demographer & Principal

Sophie Renton

Director of Research at McCrindle