Brand and Product Testing

We measure brand awareness, consumer engagement and campaign effectiveness. Our longitudinal studies allow us to observe a brand’s life-cycle within its competitive environment over time.

Consumer Studies

Technologically, demographically, economically, socially – we’re living in a blur of change. Tracking consumer attitudes and behaviours has never been more important or rewarding.

Qualitative Research

Focus groups, action groups, in-depth interviews, expert panels, community forums – our team brings empathy, intuition and experience to the subtle art of interpreting what is being said.

Quantitative Research

Our assignments range from multi-country, multi-stage surveys to local, single question polls. Either way, we reveal the story the numbers tell us about customers, staff and communities.

PR Research

In this age of the ‘sound-bite’ and the ’24-hour news cycle’, it has become increasingly important for our clients to tell their story to customers and the community through research-based insights.