The Challenge

AISNSW administers millions of dollars of funds to build new schools and develop existing schools in NSW. To ensure government funds are administered diligently, AISNSW required assessments to check the demographic components of grant applications.

The Solution

McCrindle’s team of analysts developed a custom demographic scorecard which was used to assess the quality and viability of each funding application. An interactive map was also built to allow quick analysis of growth potential and to help with future assessments.

“The research assisted us to accurately advise independent schools on population growth in NSW to enable them to plan for growth. The data has also been used to shape dialogue with the NSW Government regarding the need for additional capital funding required for educational infrastructure in the future.”


Application assessments were provided with scorecards, written reviews and recommendations on missing information. This project builds on past work for AISNSW where we conducted demographic research into the independent school sector and projected student enrolments. The research was presented at an industry briefing for the independent school sector alongside the NSW Minister for Education. This industry briefing launched an initiative by AISNSW that engages independent schools to respond more critically to these growing student numbers.