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It’s no secret we’re living in content-saturated times.

Today’s media cycle is relentless and often reduced to soundbites. The art of storytelling has never been more important.

Society’s expectations are also changing. Many are increasingly sceptical of brands talking about themselves and instead are looking to engage with brands that are making a broader social contribution. In this information age where data has replaced oil and gold as the most valuable commodity, leadership of thought is an increasingly prized social currency.

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We help our clients create engaging communications & campaigns by leveraging research-based insights. As social researchers we’re constantly exploring the latest consumer and business trends, from national consumer surveys to in-depth interviews with industry specialists.

As a full-service research agency we manage projects right from initial concept and brief through to delivery of final outputs such as reports and infographics. We don’t just deliver the numbers. We bring data to life and provide insight not just information. Our media-ready outputs combine the comprehensive analysis and engaging storytelling needed to stimulate important national conversations and position brands as thought leaders in their field.

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Our nationally representative survey takes the pulse of the nation and provides an output tailored to clients’ needs.

We craft survey questions to meet key objectives and provide insightful reporting angles. We can also support clients to reinforce the credibility of the research through providing one of our experienced social researchers as a credible spokesperson.

Our research packages include:

  • Nationally representative survey of 1,000 Australians aged 18+
  • McCrindle’s expertise developing the survey to explore your desired topics
  • A variety of written and visual output options
  • Opportunity to discuss results and clarify any data interpretation questions

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