The Challenge

CLARA were seeking demographic analysis and visual storytelling assets to reveal the problem Australia is facing, and will continue to face, if population growth isn’t managed well through building smart, liveable cities which activate regional communities through high speed rail connections.

The Solution

As part of CLARA cohort responding to the Commonwealth’s 2017 Faster Rail Prospectus with a strategic business case, McCrindle explored the challenges facing our cities including social, economic, spatial and environmental issues using demographic analysis, scoping research and online surveys. The insights revealed the problems with our ‘sprawl and crawl’, inefficient low-density model of population management through car-enabled development. The work showed how this is a nationally significant issue, a key aspect of the strategic business case, as Australia grows from our current population to 40 million people by 2048! The online of Melbourne residents revealed the frustrations of people living in our fastest growing capital city, Melbourne while also better understanding the strength and appeal of liveable cities like Melbourne.


The multi-phase project involved multiple research methods that were delivered in reports, infographics and visually engaging presentations to state and federal departments and Ministers. The Melbourne Market Study is a visualised report that reveals the strengths and issues in Melbourne and resident’s openness to moving out of Melbourne.