The Brief

Foodbank Australia commissioned us to produce a visualised thought leadership report on the issue of food insecurity in Australia.

The Work

We conducted a survey of Australians experiencing food insecurity, analysed data provided by Foodbank, and provided storytelling in the form of copywriting and visual design for the final report and infographic output.

“The Foodbank Hunger Report is a vital tool for engendering awareness of the issue of food insecurity in Australia, a problem largely hidden and misunderstood. The report puts a human face on the statistics, and shows why so many are going hungry and the impact this has on their lives. The report underpins advocacy and education with all our stakeholders, from government and the food industry to the general public.”

Results & Deliverables

The Foodbank Hunger Report is Australia’s only national publication bringing together the perspectives of service providers and Australians who access food relief services. The report has assisted Foodbank in raising public awareness of food insecurity. The insights are being used to stimulate public conversations and lobby decision-makers on issues relating to household food insecurity.