The Challenge

MyStrengths believes in the next generation, and is working with high schools to help teens discover their strengths and flourish. MyStrengths wanted evidence-based research into teen well-being and mental health, proving the validity of their interventions and to gain authority as a thought leader in the youth wellbeing space. MyStrengths commissioned McCrindle to produce a visual research report that would give them credible insights into youth wellbeing using data from a robust survey of 9,000 youth.

The Solution

Over 10,000 teenagers were surveyed, providing insight into the key wellbeing trends of today’s students. The key findings were presented in a visual report that gave MyStrengths a platform to speak from the evidence into media, policy discussions, advocacy and strategic planning.
McCrindle cleaned the data, analysed it for key trends and then presented fresh insights in a visual report with other assets for social media and email campaigns. The report gained media attention with support from their PR agent to fulfil MyStrengths project objectives of gaining media attention and demonstrating their authority as youth wellbeing experts.

“We loved working with McCrindle as they brought so many unexpected insights and angles on the work. They understood us and our mission, and were passionate about the success of the project. Most consultants are a little detached; not McCrindle. They took ownership as if it were their own.”
– Dan Hardie


McCrindle delivered the insights in a visual report, social media assets and visuals for email campaigns: