The Challenge

St Philip’s Christian College, a school with over 4,000 students, was seeking to ensure it delivered on its core purpose, whole of life education through a robust stakeholder study. The College commissioned a survey across its six campuses involving staff, parents and students. The need for a variety of outputs including reports, presentations and infographics was key to gathering feedback from the community to drive strategic improvements and ongoing growth.

The Solution

McCrindle conducted stakeholder research using online surveys to provide longitudinal insights for the College overall, with specific insights and studies for each campus. The visualisation of school data for communications purposes was completed using infographics and visually engaging presentation slides to give a clearer picture of the trends occurring in The College. Demographic analysis also provided insights into the trends shaping the external community surrounding their campus to provide a holistic research approach. The results from this stakeholder study and demographic analysis were integrated into a DESTEL strategic planning workshop to futureproof the school through scenario planning, trend response matrices and population forecasting. Staff professional development days were also provided to equip and inspire their staff to teach and engage the emerging generations, Generation Z (aged 10-24) and Generation Alpha (aged less than 10).

“McCrindle worked in collaboration with our team to develop a suite of online surveys to provide insight into the views of student, staff and parent body of the school community. This was done with the highest level of professionalism.”


The multi-phase longitudinal project involved delivering comprehensive reports, strategic workshop summary reports, campus stakeholder studies, infographics and visually engaging presentation slides. Printed and digital infographics provided key findings in engaging summary formats to drive ongoing change forwards among both the executive leadership and staff community at The College.