The Challenge

The King’s School, one of Australia’s premier private schools, commissioned a stakeholder study and demographic analysis to inform The King’s School’s strategic plan. Key to the brief was the development of an index to track over time key values, both the priority and performance in these values. The project required visual dashboards to showcase key results from the analysis and reports.

The Solution

A rigorous qualitative and quantitative study was completed involving The King’s School community to inform future strategic planning and capture longitudinal performance in their core values. Demographic studies complemented this research to understand target markets. Successful outcomes from this study include robust community consultation, innovative strategic planning methods, visual communication outputs to engage key audiences and tactical marketing initiatives driving growth.

“The study helped provide a roadmap for the next three years, and began a conversation on what the school will look like in 10 years time.”


The multi-phase project involved multiple research methods that were delivered in reports, infographics and visually engaging presentations. The demographic analysis revealed and geomapped future population trends. The stakeholder insight studies used both qualitative and quantitative research methods and results were delivered in comprehensive reports with an executive summary and key recommendations. The key findings were visualised into a series of dashboards shown on digital and printed infographics, which were also presented at a range of stakeholder launch events. The results informed the direction and focus of The King’s School’s Strategic Plan 2019-2021.