Our Team

We’re passionate researchers and communications specialists from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

But we share a motivating and binding set of values:

Living communication
We communicate so words are seen, ideas are released and concepts are lived.

Constant innovation
We are committed to finding clearer, fresher, and more useful ways to communicate and implement.

Prioritise people
In all we do we seek to equip, encourage and enlarge people.

Greatly entrusted
We don’t take our clients, opportunities, and influence for granted and know our work comes with responsibility.

Give our best
We give our best not just in what we deliver but how we get it done.


Mark McCrindle


Mark is a social analyst with an international following. His passions lie in tracking emerging issues, researching social trends and analysing customer segments. Mark is an advisor to executive boards and committees across Australia. As a sought-after demographer, futurist and social commentator, he’s delivered over 100 keynotes in the last year.


Sophie Renton

Managing Director

Sophie is passionate about understanding people and organisations. She leads and guides our team at McCrindle in search of clear, strategic insights that bring clarity to complexity. Using a wide range of methodologies in her research, presentations and consulting, Sophie understands how evidence-based insights can inform strategy and help organisations to thrive amidst change.


Ashley Fell

Director of Advisory

Ashley is an expert communicator with a keen understanding of the emerging generations. She is passionate about helping organisations not only understand, but engage with the first truly global generation. Ashley brings a wealth of experience in keynote presentations, workshops and consulting to her role as the Director of Advisory. She is passionate about equipping organisations to navigate the complex terrain of the 21st century.


Grant Dusting

Director of Strategy

As a non-executive director himself, Grant understands the importance of reliable data, actionable insights and clear communication. Combining big-picture analysis with an eye for fine details and key questions, Grant’s strategic approach helps organisations identify how to leverage the power of research insights to drive their strategy and communications.


Geoff Brailey

Director of Solutions

Geoff is passionate about understanding cities, organisations and people. His understanding of demographic and social trends combined with a strong grasp of the trends impacting organisations allows him to bring strategic insights to his keynotes and consulting. His wealth of experience in solution design also allows him to take clients’ complex business problems and design tailored solutions that provide a clearer picture so that leaders can move forwards confidently.


Shannon Wherrett

Director of Insights

Shannon believes in the power of research to give a voice to people and communities. She is passionate about using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to discover insights that lead to long term change within organisations and society. She leads and guides our team of researchers in search of clear, strategic insights that bring clarity to complexity.


Peter Chi

Strategic Lead

Peter is a strategic thinker whose analytical nature enables him to provide clarity to complex organisational problems. He draws on his diverse and customer-centric experience ranging from the coal-face of corporate banking to highly agile startup contexts, to identify the fulcrum issues to achieve optimal solutions and maximum positive impact.


Ben Duffin

Team Leader - Design

Ben is a master of visualisation! He takes our insights and transforms them into stunning visuals that are easy to interpret. Through infographics, animated videos and digital media, he pushes the boundaries of the design world. His leadership of the McCrindle design team has developed its reputation for delivering fresh, dynamic and concise imagery.


Steph Razey

Research Lead

Gathering and communicating complex insights is second-nature to Stephanie. As a social scientist she has honed her craft in Development and Anthropology, utilising qualitative and quantitative research methods to pursue her passion to understand people and facilitate meaningful strategies for change.


Kevin Leung

Analytics Lead

Kevin is a big picture thinker who makes the complex simple. He is passionate about delivering solutions that solve client challenges and inspire positive change. His ability to use population projections and demographic modelling to paint the picture of areas both now and into the future allows our clients to make informed, evidence-based decisions.


Josh Chan

Demographic & Data Analyst

Combining the power of understanding people and analytics is Josh’s forte. A Bachelor of Business, majoring in management combined with his volunteering experience provides Josh with the ability to discover and presents insights that are helpful and insightful for our clients. He uses the power of data to inform and guide strategic decision makers.


Kirstin Stobbe

Research Executive

Kirstin is passionate about empowering people through accessible information communicated coherently. Her studies in Psychology and post-graduate qualification in Leadership have provided her research-based tools to solve business problems and develop customised strategies for individual and corporate success.


Jenna Murray

Senior Researcher

Using evidence-based methodologies, Jenna is an expert in collating data and communicating insights for business application. Through seven years of experience as a medical researcher, she has developed a highly disciplined approach to analysis, reporting and presentations.


Hannah Butcher

Research Executive

Hannah loves using qualitative and quantitative research methods to make the unknown known. With a Bachelor of Social Research and Policy majoring in Development Studies Hannah is passionate about equipping organisations with insight to make evidence-based decisions. From project briefings to presentations Hannah’s can do attitude enables her to deliver value and delight our clients.

Hendrik Zuidersma-Ros

Hendrik Zuidersma-Ros

Design Executive

Hendrik is a graphic designer who specialises in data visualisation. With more than a decade of experience in directing a design agency, he is an expert in creating images that align our insights with our clients’ strategic narratives. He’s developed a style that is detailed and precise while being clear and timeless.


Marcelo Gomes

Design Executive

Translating client briefs into engaging stories, and converting ideas into stimulating visuals is what Marcelo loves doing most. His experience in graphic design and brand identity is anchored in helping clients engage effectively and communicate with clarity. Marcelo loves helping organisations create beautiful communications that are faithful to their purpose and identity.


Natalie Ros

Advisory Executive

People are her priority. With a wealth of experience in customer service Natalie is passionate about understanding our clients’ needs and finding the best solutions for them. She designs tailored solutions for world-class events that feature McCrindle Speakers. Alongside stimulating nationwide conversations in the media on the latest social trends and findings.


Luke Davies

Marketing Executive

Luke loves understanding and solving client challenges with a positive experience. Completing studies in a Bachelor of Business he is a business communication specialist with a background in customer service and IT. Combining the rigour and precision of business with the creativity of the arts allows Luke to create content that informs, inspires and delights our clients.