Our Team

We’re passionate researchers and communications specialists from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

But we share a motivating and binding set of values:

Living communication
We communicate so words are seen, ideas are released and concepts are lived.

Constant innovation
We are committed to finding clearer, fresher, and more useful ways to communicate and implement.

Prioritise people
In all we do we seek to equip, encourage and enlarge people.

Greatly entrusted
We don’t take our clients, opportunities, and influence for granted and know our work comes with responsibility.

Give our best
We give our best not just in what we deliver but how we get it done.


Mark McCrindle


Mark is a social analyst with an international following. His passions lie in tracking emerging issues, researching social trends and analysing customer segments. Mark is an advisor to executive boards and committees across Australia. As a sought-after demographer, futurist and social commentator, he’s delivered over 100 keynotes in the last year.


Grant Dusting

Research & Operations Manager

With a background in public policy, community engagement and boardroom experience at the cutting edge of the not-for-profit sector, Grant brings a great ability to listen well, think strategically and see the links between people, systems and ideas. Grant’s studies in law and his experience in crafting speeches and social media posts enable his passion to help others be precise in their purpose and to communicate with clarity.


Ashley Fell

Team Leader - Communications

Ashley brings a wealth of experience in managing media relations, social media platforms and content creation. Ashley advises teams on how to achieve cut-through in message-saturated times, helping clients say more with less. She brings robust, research-based content to her presentations and consulting.


Kimberley Linco

Marketing & Communications Manager

As a highly skilled communicator, Kim manages a range of marketing initiatives and client relationships. She also designs tailored solutions for world-class events that feature McCrindle Speakers. Through her media relations network, she stimulates nationwide conversations on the latest social trends and findings.


Rebecca Hall

Communications & Research Executive

Rebecca combines her creative thinking and analytical skills to draw out key trends and communicate them with fresh insight. With a multi-disciplinary background in academic research and the arts, she is passionate about using creative mediums to ask questions and bring clarity to important social topics.


Sophie Renton

Team Leader - Research

Sophie’s passion for discovery springs from her background in education. She leads and guides our team of researchers in search of clear, strategic insights. Using a wide range of methodologies, she manages projects from end-to-end and brings strong organisational, communication and leadership skills to the challenge of finding the unknown.


Geoff Brailey

Lead Solution Designer

Geoff loves helping people succeed. His can-do attitude and people-oriented approach takes clients’ complex business problems and works with them to design tailored solutions and clearer understanding. His understanding of the breadth of our research solutions allow him to assist clients right from the initial briefing to the final presentation.


Shannon Wherrett

Research Manager

Shannon’s background in demographics has instilled a detailed and precise approach to both qualitative and quantitative research. Her wide-ranging skills embrace solution design, project management and analysis. This breadth of experience enables her to manage research and insight generation across a variety of industries.


Tim Edwards

Team Leader - Analytics

With a degree in Economics, Tim has developed a rigorous approach to analysing data, creating indexes and modelling demographic and market trends. He is a detailed analyst and sharp communicator who delights in turning large data tables into powerful business insights.


Kevin Leung

Demographic and Research Analyst

It may be that Kevin’s strong analytical ability and appetite for big-picture ideation was forged through his studies in medical science, his Honours project in physiology and neuroscience, or his side hobbies in coffee roasting, café management and training baristas. More likely it was all the above. He loves using demographics to help clients solve business problems and crafting stories that inspire positive change.


Jenna Murray

Senior Researcher

Using evidence-based methodologies, Jenna is an expert in collating data and communicating insights for business application. Through seven years of experience as a medical researcher, she has developed a highly disciplined approach to analysis, reporting and presentations.


Chris Chen

Research Executive

Chris has an innate passion for discovering insights. He brings a strong marketing background to his work in project management and analysis. He’s a true believer in the power of new perspectives to transform our clients’ thinking and guides them to the best research outcomes through rigorous analytics and reporting.


Ben Duffin

Team Leader - Design

Ben is a master of visualisation! He takes our insights and transforms them into stunning visuals that are easy to interpret. Through infographics, animated videos and digital media, he pushes the boundaries of the design world. His leadership of the McCrindle design team has developed its reputation for delivering fresh, dynamic and concise imagery.


Hendrik Zuidersma-Ros

Design Executive

Hendrik is a graphic designer who specialises in data visualisation. With more than a decade of experience in directing a design agency, he is an expert in creating images that align our insights with our clients’ strategic narratives. He’s developed a style that is detailed and precise while being clear and timeless.


Jeremy Mura

Design Executive

As a designer and illustrator, Jeremy loves helping brands communicate effectively. He is a passionate believer in the power of good design in facilitating individual and company growth. Drawing on his own freelance experience working with small businesses, creative agencies and ambitious friends in startups, Jeremy specialises in creating custom graphics and illustrations that inspire and engage.