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Do you need external help to see what you are missing, to help lift up your eyes and see the bigger picture? We love to partner with leaders and equip you with the insight you need to help you do what you do better. With the right information on hand, you can position your organisation for success. Our advisors are here to help guide the journey through workshops, consulting and strategy sessions.

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Insights on global trends

The pace of change is accelerating and unless leaders take a moment to step back and see the bigger picture you can find yourself fighting the wrong battle. To set the scene for strategic planning take the time to upskill and inspire your team with an understanding of Generation Alpha, global demographic trends, the future of work, the future consumer and so much more. Whether it's a research project summarising these trends or a presentation with insights on how the world is changing, you’ll walk away with the confidence to move forward.

Future proofing and strategy for executives

Future proofing and strategy for executives

Combine your board's expertise with our understanding of the trends impacting your industry. Our inspiring and practical workshops explore DESTEL trend areas (Demographic, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legislative) to develop strategic directions that focus on opportunities arising from emerging trends. Our goal is to help your board plan for the future with greater confidence by relying on a better understanding of the external environment and how your organisation can align with market trends.

Organisation wide data strategy

The power of data is unlocked when it is easy to understand and actionable. Too many organisations have a myriad of data points, but no way to connect the dots and find the bigger story. We can help you plan your data strategy, collect and consolidate your real time data and bring it to life so that you can measure your progress towards your strategic goals. The result, clarity and confidence to know which dial must be shifted to bring about change.

Cultural health study

Engaging your team is essential for organisational success. With the transition to a hybrid environment, measuring engagement and shaping culture has become increasingly challenging. We believe in the power of team and love seeing employees and leaders thriving at work. Let our team of advisors guide you through an organisational culture health check and develop a strategy for measuring wellbeing, organisational health and success in this hybrid world.

Cultural Health Index

Transform your culture with McCrindle’s Cultural Health Index. Gather data from your team and compare your findings to the national average.

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