Aged Care

An ageing and growing population has created a rising demand for quality aged care facilities. In this longevity boom there are unique challenges and complex issues that demand the best response. We can help prepare for future demand through demographic analysis and forecasts, improve stakeholder experiences through surveys and develop innovative solutions amidst generational and cultural change.

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Demographic analysis

Our demographic analysis services allow you to identify the most suitable locations for future sites. Get a breakdown of the demographics in your area from past data, as well as future forecasts of geographical areas to explore the potential of future sites.


Resident surveys

Conduct surveys of residents to help you understand resident satisfaction and what you can improve to create the best experience in your aged care facility. By surveying your residents you can identify changes that may need to occur and recognise any gaps in your services and create a better experience for your residents.

Generational insights

The future of aged care will undergo significant changes in the decades to come. With people living longer and working later in life, this changes the way aged care facilities are designed, developed and managed. Get up to date with the latest social insights to understand generational differences and plan for the future.


Strategic planning

We can help you develop your strategic plan by using data and insights that make informed decisions and ensure peace of mind for your future. We help aged care providers see what's ahead, where they need to change or revise their plans, and how they can effectively reach their long term goals.

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We are in a longevity boom, and with that comes unique challenges and opportunities to help people thrive.

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