The education sector plays a vital role in contributing to a flourishing society. The challenges facing school leaders, however, have never been more complex. Today’s leaders are responding to massive technological change, shifts in the workforce and an era of lifelong learning. Whether it’s PD days, demographic analysis, stakeholder studies or strategic planning, let our insights give you the confidence to move forwards.

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PD day sessions

PD sessions can be draining. But they can also be inspiring, filled with insight, and practical solutions. Drawing on our ongoing research on the future of education, your staff will walk away with clarity on the trends shaping the education sector and will be ready for what's next.

Demographic analysis

Demographic scans give you the confidence to plan for the future of your school. Get a customised catchment based on your enrolment data to identify your school's geographic market. We map your enrolled students, analyse the data and visualise it in an interactive map for ongoing use. Our team of demographers will also present the insights to your leadership team and school board.


Stakeholder studies

Building school communities is of increasing importance. The hard part is often knowing what your students, staff or parents think and want. Our team can survey your school to get fresh feedback through robust engagement strategies. Our stakeholder studies can help you discover what they value, so you can adjust your strategy to meet their needs and lead them towards a better future.


Strategic planning

Join the growing number of schools developing their strategy by putting insights at the heart of their strategic plan. Partner with us and use our armoury of research services paired with our knowledge of global trends to plan for the future of your school.

Thriving schools index

Measure your school's community using the Thriving Schools Index (TSI) and gather data from key stakeholders including parents, staff and students and compare the results against national data.

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