It is increasingly important for government agencies to effectively engage with a range of stakeholders. We provide research, analytics, and advisory services to government agencies looking to solve complex issues, identify priorities for action, and make better informed decisions.

Demographic analysis

Our demographic analysis services allow you to understand population trends and get future forecasts. Delivered in a comprehensive report or interactive map, these insights can be used to understand geographical areas that inform decision making.


Strategic planning

We help governments develop data-driven policies by applying our in-depth knowledge of global trends, demographic changes and generational differences. Our inspiring and practical workshops help you develop future focused strategies in response to key emerging trends.


Community engagement

We equip governments with the right tools to ensure they understand public sentiment and engage with communities to deliver much needed services and infrastructure. Whether it’s community surveys, focus groups or in-depth interviews, we help you listen to your community and stakeholders to guide planning and project outcomes.

Data storytelling

In an increasingly visual era, visual communication is essential for government bodies wanting to increase engagement. Ensure that communities receive your communications and storytelling by using visual outputs that reach the right people and increase engagement. We produce visual infographics, reports, animated videos and presentation slides to help get your message through to your audience simply and clearly.

Toowoomba Business Chamber

Using data and insights to understand the sentiment and perceptions of local businesses to inform advocacy and develop evidence-based solutions

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