Not for Profit

Not for profits are core to society and we want to help you engage with your audience and build trust by understanding how societal shifts, demographic changes and donor attitudes are shaping the NFP landscape.


Brand tracking study

Imagine what it is like knowing exactly what people think of your brand. We run ongoing brand tracking studies to help you adjust your communication strategy. Brand studies often include brand awareness levels, perceptions of your brand, strengths, services awareness and testing of future campaign taglines, images and CTAs.


Insights on the top issues affecting NFPs

Equip your organisation with innovative, customised, insight filled presentations that help you understand the most important trends shaping the NFP sector. With great benefits for people in marketing, HR, fundraising and your program delivery team, we draw on our demographic analysis and social research that will give you fresh ideas, new inspiration and resources to succeed.


Thought leadership

Claim your cause with research and visual reports that position you as an industry leader. Using fresh research and visual outputs, our thought leadership services help you increase fundraising, advocacy, media interest, all while shaping the conversation in your sector.


Social impact reporting

Communicating social impact is often a real challenge. From knowing how to measure impact, to how to share it in an effective way. Our research shows that people engage with and trust organisations that can effectively communicate their impact. We are here to help you measure and communicate your social impact by gathering data, creating engaging reports and shareable assets that make your impact easy for anyone to understand and engage with.

Empowering Impact Infographic

Download our latest infographic for the NFP sector. Here we provide an updated overview of the NFP landscape and insights on empowering impact.

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