Augmented reality for augmented events

The Great Screenage’ that defines the 21st Century impacts how we live and interact, and it’s also having an impact on the events industry. Increasingly, the physical is being replaced by the digital, with the time spent on electronic media now greatly surpassing time spent interacting face to face. This is fundamentally changing our experiences of the everyday, and in turn, reducing our opportunities to connect. But it’s even more pronounced in Gen Z where on average 74% of their time is spent online, outside of school or work .

While digital is decreasing our opportunities to connect in-person, it also highlights there is a comfortability with the integration of the digital into the physical. An experiential event does not just need to be in-person, but there are opportunities in the virtual events world to explore augmented reality in a new way. Augmented reality can help events integrate the digital and physical, creating an engaging and new way of presenting global or international concepts to event attendees.

What it means for event planners:

• The emerging generations seek out live experiences to connect face to face as much of their day-to-day lives is looking at a screen.
• Use the technology that is natural and familiar to connect and engage with your attendees.
• Today’s new workers are global in perspective, not just local. So bring a bigger perspective and international case studies.

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