Data Do’s and Data Don’ts

For many, the world of data analytics can often feel complicated and overwhelming. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Each organisation, and the individuals within it, are all on their own data journey. To help you navigate this brave new world we’ve compiled a short list of data do’s and don’ts.

Data Do’s

Keep it secret, keep it safe. The rise of data privacy has meant that people today care about terms and conditions and expect their personal data to be handled legally and ethically. It’s important to keep up to date with the latest data privacy laws and ensure your organisation’s values are reflected in your data policies

Stay relevant. Don’t keep data you don’t need. Too much data can be overwhelming. Remember to think about how and why you are using your data, and should you keep it?

Think inside and outside the box. Organisations are surrounded by data, sometimes data they don’t even realise they have! This ‘dark data’ represents approximately 80% of each organisation’s data. How can you bring your dark data into the light?

Spot the gaps. We all need a little help sometimes. Where are the gaps in your data analytics and can these gaps be filled by recruitment, training or a consultant?

Stay tech ‘lit’. Tune in to the data conversation. With new breakthroughs made every day, spend some time working on your analytical literacy.

Data Don’ts

Ignore your data. It can be tempting to think ‘maybe it will all go away…’ With more than 2.5 terabytes of data created every day, however, data is here to stay. Utilising your data can transform business operations and significantly improve efficiency and revenue.

Destroy your data. Make sure your data is backed-up safely. This can be done internally or externally utilising cloud servers. Make sure you regularly revise your backups and safety protocols.

Go it alone. Nearly a third of business leaders (32%) feel overwhelmed by data. It’s never too late to speak to someone about learning new skills.

Lose control. Third-party software providers, such as CRMs and sales platforms, will often silo your data in their systems. Overreliance on third parties can leave you vulnerable to price changes or prevent you changing to newer/better platforms. Keep your data in your control.

Stress! Finally, don’t stress. The internet is full of tutorials, courses and training guides.

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