Schooling from home in COVID-19

The pace of change in education delivery has been particularly felt by Australian parents, who have had to help their children with schooling from home. For many parents, the past few months have been particularly stressful as they have adapted to working from home, while schooling from home too.

71% of Australian parents say their online schooling experience was positive

Almost nine in ten Australians with school aged children (88%) have kept them home from school. Just over one in three (36%) are planning to keep them home for the next few weeks, even if schools go back, while more than half (52%) will send them when schools go back. Just 12% of Australians with school aged children have continued to send them to school.

Almost 9 in ten Australian parents have kept they children home from school

More than seven in ten Australians with school aged children (71%) describe their household’s experience of online education as positive. This is a testament to the hard work of teachers and schools across Australia as they were thrust into online education delivery in a short amount of time.

Household experiences of education from home

Support from the school linked to positive online education experiences

This positive experience is largely due to the support provided by the school and the opportunity for parents to spend more time with their child. The greater engagement in their child’s learning has also allowed them to develop a better understanding of their child’s skills, abilities and challenges with learning.

“The school has been very supportive, and my children are enjoying the level of online education provided by their teachers and school”

“We have more understanding of what they are learning in school.”

Seven in ten have viewed schooling from home as a positive experience

The challenges of schooling from home

Schooling from home has had its challenges, however, with many finding it difficult to motivate their children, keep them focused and juggle their own workload while supporting their children.

“I’m still at my place of work, my partner works from home so our son has had to stay home. Extremely hard for my partner to get his work done and continuously try and help our son with schoolwork. We also aren’t as gifted in teaching as actual teachers.”

“My child has a lot of issues with staying focused and on task and is missing his school friends and extracurricular activities.”



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