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The impact of engaging a professional speaker for an event

Even before COVID-19, event planners had to meet the rising expectations of event attendees. In our study for Melbourne Convention Bureau, almost nine in ten respondents (89%) said they believe that attendees in the future will expect more learnings/acquired knowledge from events.¹

Even now as virtual events take place, attendees are expecting engaging and informative content to be delivered. A great way to ensure this takes place is to engage a professional speaker.

In an era of information overload and message saturation, professional speakers use the art of delivery with relevant content to cut through the noise to inform, instruct and inspire audiences.

From our experience in the sector and speaking with event planners, the top speaking topics include:

1. Leadership
2. Change
3. Future trends
4. Business insight
5. Customer engagement
6. Health and wellbeing
7. Communication skills

What it means for event planners:

• Consider engaging a professional speaker for your next business event.
• Be aware of the most popular topics and how the speaker can customise their content to meet the event objectives.
• Ensure the content delivered speaks to the current context but delivers insights to prepare for what’s next.

¹The Future of the Meetings Industry Report, 2017, McCrindle for Melbourne Convention Bureau

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