The top 5 charity essentials

The sector that most improves and supports Australian communities is the not-for-profit (NFP) sector and in many ways, this sector sits at the heart of our national identity. It’s value to this nation is demonstrated by the almost $135 billion given in 2016, most of it by the community rather than government.

The landscape for charities is rapidly changing, largely due to generational change, demographic shifts and technological transformation. For the average charity, half of their supporters have joined them since this decade began – and over the same period of time, the nation has grown by almost three million people.

Below is a compilation of the top five essentials for any Australian charity and NFP organisation, as stated by Aussie donors, drawing from the 2017 Australian Communities Report.

This research exists to equip leaders in the NFP sector to respond with relevance to the changing external environment and the emerging trends. The 2019 report is underway and will be launched at the Australian Communities Forum in February 2019 in Sydney (8th Feb) and Melbourne (15th Feb). Click here for more info.

Source: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, Australian Charities Report 2016.

Australians want to see how their giving is making a difference.

Australian givers have certain expectations of the organisations they give to. Transparent reporting of administration costs and verification are the most important aspects for Australian givers with three in four (75% and 74% respectively) suggesting that it is extremely/very important to them.

Accountability is also important to Australian givers, with almost three quarters desiring a detailed breakdown of where donations are allocated (72%) and for administration costs to be kept below 20 percent (73%).

Australians want to see how their giving is making a difference, with 69% wanting an overview of the impacts the charity has had through reporting of specific results and numbers.

Australians get involved with charities they know and trust.

Knowledge and trust of an organisation is the most significant influence on Australian givers getting involved with a charitable organisation. Seven in ten Australian givers (70%) indicated that this is extremely or very significant as a motivation for getting involved. Australians are also highly motivated by an organisation that makes the world a better place for the less fortunate (58%) and when they see a need (56%).

For just over half of Australian charitable givers (51%), the fact that a charity is an Australian based organisation is also an extremely or very significant motivation in their decision to get involved.

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