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5 must-have ABS datasets to explore people and property

The property markets of Australia are undergoing a significant era of change affecting renters, homeowners, investors, property developers and policy makers.

Shifts in the property market are influenced by changing demographics like reduced overseas migration, returning expats, delayed life markers (like starting a family) and the longevity boom. When these trends come together, Australia’s population changes.

Shifting social and attitudinal trends also impact where Australians choose to work and live. For example, Australians are now more open to working from home, after it was tried, tested and, for many, triumphant during the lockdowns of 2020. In 2016, just 4.7% of Australians worked from home, whereas this proportion could double or even triple when the next Census results come out in 2022 (from the August 2021 Census), as workers look to save time and find a simpler way to work in this digital era.



These demographic trends and social shifts are changing where Australians desire to live and work, revealing new trends like ‘the rise of the regions’.

So, where can the curious find the latest ‘must-have’ data on these trends?

5 must-have datasets on people and property

Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • Population projections – great for exploring forecasts for cities and states
  • Census (collected every 5 years) – great for seeing trends over time on topics like household type, household income, household size, cultural diversity, employment and occupation, travel to work method and work from home
  • National Population (updated quarterly) – great for understanding overseas migration trends
  • Population in cities and regions – great for seeing capital city growth rates
  • Regional internal migration (updated quarterly) – great for seeing internal movements within states and cities.


There are also more statistics available on topics like labour and employment, business, finance, lending, health, environment, COVID-19 and much more!

Analysing data from the ABS enables us to find interesting trends about generations, population and the places where people live. If we can help your organisation with finding, analysing, visualising or communicating certain insights, we’d love to hear from you.


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