Generation Alpha’s future is bright

Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha’s future is bright

Generation Alpha are growing up in a time of increasing complexity and greater uncertainty, with greater societal anxiety and economic and social volatility. It might be a surprise to some that we believe that Generation Alpha’s future is bright. They will face an array of problems, from environmental issues to the fragmentation of once united nations – the likes of which the world has never faced before. This is part of the reason why we wrote a book on this topic.

We have the opportunity to regularly speak to young people and we find, with audiences of children, that there is no other time in which they would rather be alive than this one, and there is no other age than which they would rather be in than this era of opportunity, being young, with all of their future ahead of them.

How life might differ for Generation Alpha

There are many aspects of Generation Alpha’s world, their era and their opportunities that are unprecedented in all human history. They will be given more consumer choice, which will enable them to purchase in accordance with their values. It is likely they will experience greater gender equality and fewer gender pay discrepancies than we do now. Many will never sit a written exam, use cash, vote in a traditional polling booth or own a car in a world where transport, like entertainment, is a service.

Parents believe Gen Alpha are more curious, creative and intelligent

Research also suggests that parents believe Generation Alpha will turn out well. Parents of children aged 0–12 believe they will be more tech-savvy (65 per cent), more caring about the environment (59 per cent), more curious about the world (55 per cent), more intelligent (54 per cent) and more creative (53 per cent) than previous generations.1 In our interviews with parents and leaders, many also said that they believe Generation Alpha are more empathetic than previous generations.

Generation Alpha are being shaped in different times to generations past and will be more digital, social, global, mobile and visual then any generation before them. While these changing and uncertain times may pose some challenges for how they engage with the world around them, ultimately, we believe their future is bright.

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