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Generation Z

The opportunities of social isolation across the generations

While there have been some unique challenges with social isolation, it has also provided some benefits to Generations Y and Z, which they hope to keep. The main benefit for the emerging generations has been prioritising financial saving, followed by more time with family/household members.

Emerging generations prioritised savings during COVID19

The differences between Gen Y and Z when it comes to opportunities of isolation

Gen Z were more the most likely to be spending more time on hobbies and creative pursuits, trying out a new exercise routine and spending more time praying/spiritual pursuits. Interestingly, they were also the most likely generation to be enjoying off-screen activities and spending more time in nature.

Emerging generations want to continue working from home

On the other hand, Gen Y were the most likely to prioritise financial saving, spend more time with family/household members, spend more time cooking and baking, and working from home.

The biggest difference between the generations was working from home. Two in five (40%) Gen Y enjoyed working from home and want to keep it, compared to 27% Gen Z.

I am experiencing it and want to keep...

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