Aged Care


Lifestyle alternatives for older Australians.

The Challenge

Synovum is dedicated to creating lifestyle alternatives for older Australians. We helped create a Lifestyles tool that helps residents find communities of like-minded people.

The Solution

A socio-behavioural index was created with six Australian lifestyles. The tool was informed by the perspectives of 1000 older Australians and then market tested before being further refined. The web interface enabled Synovum to capture future resident needs.


The tool has proven successful in matching compatible residents and Synovum Care’s flagship community received the 2017 Ageing Asia’s Facility of the Year Award. New residents use the tool to identify their core values and personality. They are then matched with other residents and placed in an environment that best suits their profile.

“We are very pleased with the final tool. It will be an asset and distinguish our organisation as we go forward with our small scale living model of care and services.”