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Retail Zoo (owners of Boost Juice)

Analysing the future consumers – Gen Z.

Retail Zoo, owners of the growing Boost franchise, were seeking to get fresh insights about future consumers in Australia, Generation Z, through an online survey. The purpose of the Gen Z study is to gather insights into their hopes, fears, dreams and values, with a particular focus on understanding their loyalty, consumption trends and communication preferences. Key to this project was delivering findings in visually engaging formats such as infographics and presentation slides as well as a comprehensive report for delving into the trend details.

The Solution

McCrindle conducted a national survey of Gen Z’s to understand their attitudes, behaviours and expectations. The online survey was developed in collaboration with Retail Zoo, with the topics developed to explore key focus areas about the future consumer. The results from this study were analysed by McCrindle to reveal key trends a comprehensive report and infographic. The key findings from this study were also presented to Retail Zoo in a visually engaging workshop to explore the latest trends about Generation Z.


The results from this national survey were delivered in a comprehensive report, infographic and research presentation.