Sydney Water

Engaging stakeholders to shape the future.

The Challenge

We were asked to identify, categorise and prioritise the trends that will impact the future of water in Sydney over the next five to 15 years. We were asked to guide Sydney Water’s senior leadership team to generate trends and prioritise these using the DESTELTM Environmental Scanning Tool.

The Solution

Sydney Water workshops were held with 76 staff and managers across a cumulative 152 hours of input resulting in the identification of 116 trends. These trends – demographic, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legislative – were clustered into 41 strategic trends and categorised into seven landscapes. Through a voting and categorisation process, the landscapes were developed and prioritised into an impact matrix to inform Sydney Water’s strategic review.


The impact matrix provided a useful guide to anchor the strategic planning process towards key trends impacting the future.

“Quick turnaround time of results and reports, with innovative visualisation of processes and research results. Mark is a very engaging facilitator. The exercise helped us to prioritise our resources and efforts on the deep dives that were crucial to understand for our future strategic positioning and planning.”
Sydney Water