Not for Profit

HOPE Housing

Visualising data to get affordable housing for nurses

HOPE Housing engaged McCrindle to create an engaging infographic when needing to share their social impact story to potential investors and partners.

The Solution

HOPE Housing had already commissioned the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) at UNSW to research and quantify the social impact their fund will generate when helping Essential Workers buy a home. The findings from this research uncovered a wide range of people of and places who would stand to benefit from the HOPE solution in many ways.


McCrindle delivered an infographic highlighting the issue and HOPE Housing’s solution as well as sharing the key insights from the research.

"With our research complete, we already had an armoury of great insights into the social impact our homeownership solution will likely generate for Essential Workers when we get up and running. We needed a quick and easy way to tell our social impact story to varying audiences so they could fully appreciate the forecasted outcomes of our offering. McCrindle helped us to craft a powerful story from our research and put it all together in an engaging two-page infographic. We were always getting great feedback on our research, but now it’s even better."
Tim Buskens - CEO