Gen Alpha defined

There is a generation in Australia that comprises more than 1 in 7 residents, yet few people have heard of them. Within 4 years they will outnumber the Baby Boomers, and many of

The New Australian Dream

McCrindle were delighted to partner with Sekisui House to produce The New Australian Dream Report. This study, involving an online survey of Sydney residents

Parents concerned over Schoolies celebrations

Schoolies week has become a tradition in Australia, and the norm for how Australian students reward themselves following months of studious diligence preparing for the HSC exams.

Gen Z launch ‘OK Boomer’

The ‘OK Boomer’ phrase has taken hold of a generation. Used to describe Gen Z’s response to the unwanted or perceived-to-be outdated advice of their older counterparts.

Halloween: The Day of the Dead

With Halloween gaining popularity, we take a look at why this is case, as well as some of the data around deaths in Australia for this year’s ‘day of the dead’.

The defining traits of the next generation

There is a lot written about the emerging generations but much of it is mere observation or opinion. Therefore, we decided to explore the defining traits of the next generation.