Three ways to lead through change

Leadership is an important topic in this time, in this nation, and in this world. It’s essential for today’s leaders to understand the context in which they are leading.

Driving Australia towards 2020

New data shows Australians are attached to their vehicles. In 2018, our population of 25 million residents owned a total 19 million vehicles according to the latest ABS Survey.

Generation Z @ the #polls

To understand what influences Generation Z’s vote, it is important to first understand who they are and what influences them.

How Big Data Creates Human Flourishing

The future is different to the one we used to know. Life used to be more structured, more sequential, more predictable. The future then was a place to which we were headed. You cou

Incentives to move to regional Australia

Regional areas are offering incentives to those who move there, to help struggling economies in towns with dwindling populations, but are they effective and do they work?