Halloween: The Day of the Dead

With Halloween gaining popularity, we take a look at why this is case, as well as some of the data around deaths in Australia for this year’s ‘day of the dead’.

The defining traits of the next generation

There is a lot written about the emerging generations but much of it is mere observation or opinion. Therefore, we decided to explore the defining traits of the next generation.

Leading and managing thriving teams

Leaders who invest in developing staff engagement in their organisation, as well as in the next generation will create thriving organisations that others will want to be a part of.

The focus on holistic education in schools

There is a greater focus on the holistic upbringing of students in school. More than just teaching for tests, we are seeing a shift from just the educational basics of literacy.

Australia, the sporting nation

How much time do Australians spend on sport compared to other activities and should sport and politics play on the same field?

Top 5 education trends

The education sector provides the framework to educate and prepare Australia’s future generations. The magnitude of this impact warrants investigating.