The future of North West Sydney

From a population growth perspective, as well as an infrastructure development perspective, North West Sydney is changing.

25 facts about Australia at 25 million

Australia’s population has hit 25 million, doubling in the lifetime of most adult Australians. We take a look at 25 things that have changed, and why.

Australia’s cultural diversity

Australia is a nation of migrants. Not only was more than one in four Australians born overseas, but half of all households have at least one parent born overseas.

Values, education and faith in Australia

This analysis shows that even in an increasingly secular society, Australians are strongly supportive of equipping the next generation with a values foundation in education.

Faith and Belief in New Zealand

The 2017 Faith and Belief in New Zealand report explores themes and topics regarding New Zealand’s religion and spirituality.

The 2018 Baby Names Report is here

Around one in ten of Australia’s 300,000 babies born in the last year were given one of the top ten baby names, with Oliver and Charlotte continuing their reign from last year.