How Big Data Creates Human Flourishing

The future is different to the one we used to know. Life used to be more structured, more sequential, more predictable. The future then was a place to which we were headed. You cou

Incentives to move to regional Australia

Regional areas are offering incentives to those who move there, to help struggling economies in towns with dwindling populations, but are they effective and do they work?

Jobs growth and future proofing careers

The future of work is not all about robotics, automation and new technologies. Two thirds of new jobs by 2023 will be in four sectors and a range of skills are needed to thrive.

Top 6 trends for 2019

From demographic shifts to changing consumer attitudes, social researcher and futurist Mark McCrindle outlines some of the top trends to watch in 2019.

The 12 stats of Christmas

As Christmas approaches, in true McCrindle fashion we have compiled a list of fun stats about Christmas and visualised them in an infographic.

2018 in review: Top trends of the year

2018 was a big year. It brought with it everything from the Royal Wedding to the Thai cave rescue. As 2018 comes to a close, we look back at some of the top trends of 2018.