Turning data into a story

In a world of shorter attention spans, increasing consumer expectations and an emerging generation who require information to be interesting, getting cut-through can be a challenge

Impacts of COVID-19 on population growth

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics population data shows Australia has experienced a population decline. This is the first quarterly population decline since World War 1.

Social benefits of the office in a WFH era

With 60% of employed Australians saying their preference is a mix of work-from-home and the office – it’s important that leaders don’t forget the importance of work wellbeing.

Generation Alpha’s future is bright

It might be a surprise to some that we believe the outlook for Generation Alpha is positive. This is part of the reason why we wrote a book on this topic.

Gen Z’s digital dilemma

Generation Z are a digitally connected generation. While they connect largely through the digital realm, they are not digitally exclusive and still value the human connection.