When it comes to the fastest growing towns and cities, our largest cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are still experiencing the largest growth. However, lifestyle cities in QLD and VIC are growing faster than their respective capital cities. When it comes to Sydney, however, it is still outpacing its satellite cities (Wollongong & Newcastle).

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What are the ‘must-haves’ for Australian lifestyle cities?

Growth in these satellite cities is due to the rise of lifestyle cities. Geelong and the Sunshine Coast are the fastest growing lifestyle cities (2.72% and 2.58%). People in and out of the workforce are seeking improved quality of life in the lifestyle cities rather than living in one of the more expensive and congested capital cities. -Geoff Brailey, Social Researcher

In a recent study on Melbourne the top three ‘must-haves’ for a lifestyle city include:

  • Affordability
  • Services
  • Social amenity

Lifestyle cities like Geelong and the Sunshine Coast are strategically positioned to grow over the coming decade towards 2030. They have more affordable housing options and great natural amenity being close to world class coastlines. Plus they have the population mass (250,000+) to provide the full services of a major city as Australia’s population ages in this longevity boom.

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