From our focus groups to our national surveys, from social research to demographic analysis, we spend much time taking the pulse of the community. In the lead up to the Australian Community Forum, here’s a snapshot of Australia in 2012.

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Australia today is loved for more than its sweeping plains and far horizons. Certainly the old affections run deep however there is more discussion on Australia as a cultural hub, a fashion destination and a nation hosting iconic events.

It seems that Australians are comfortable in their own skin – embracing of this sunburnt country with all its iconic landmarks, yet proud of the cultural achievements and events, many of which are renowned internationally. There’s an understated confidence that welcomes the world to this unique landscape, yet has the posture to proudly list off our cultural achievements.

There is expressed a self-assuredness of our place globally and an acceptance of our traditions, history and Australian Spirit beyond clichés.

The irrepressible Aussie humour comes through strongly too. It is a safe humour- witty, dry and usually self deprecating. Current events and troubles are responded to with a laugh. The old “stop laughing- this is serious” attitude lives on.

Our weaknesses (e.g. the old tyranny of distance and isolation) are reinterpreted humorously as strengths.

There is a depth to our reflections on 21st Century Australia. The iconic language and Australiana is retained and reinterpreted with a new sophistication, and without the cringe.

Read this Social Analysis in full. Click here to download the PDF 

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