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The power of human connection when curating an event

The fast-paced lives of the 21st century are digitally integrated to connect and save time. Although the digital is increasingly replacing the physical, people crave face-to-face interaction more than ever before, and events play a key role in facilitating this for many people.

Events play a meaningful role

Our research during COVID-19 showed that many Australians experienced significant changes in their lives and are hoping that these positive changes will be retained in the ‘new normal’. Because of COVID-19, half of Australians (52%) have spent more time with their family/household members and enjoyed a slower pace of life (49%) and want this to continue .

Our time apart has highlighted the importance of connection and community in a way that is sustainable for our health and wellbeing. Events play a crucial role in facilitating our meaningful connections and the growth of our networks.

Aussies enjoying slower pace of life

What it means for event planners:

• The workplace, and professional development provides a key social connection point in our increasingly disconnected world.
• Remember that work events (like work life) flow best when balanced, so ensure you create a program that has a healthy rhythm for learning, connection, and enjoyment.
• Whether it be an online event or in-person, consider how the event can help to facilitate human interaction, networking, ‘wow’ moments and shared experiences.

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