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3 benefits of brand tracking

Every organisation has a brand. Brand perceptions, experiences and expectations are constantly changing for new and prospective customers. A global crisis truly is a unique opportunity to know what the market thinks about how your organisation has responded to this health and economic crisis.

Lead wisely

Great leaders want to hear what key stakeholders are thinking, saying or expecting when it comes to their brand. Using a nationally representative online survey to conduct brand tracking over time is a great way that leaders can strategically respond to the latest brand insights. A simple, fast survey of 1,000 Australians can be done with insights from the data collated in a matter of weeks, to help you stay relevant and engaging as you lead your organisation forwards.

Your brand is made up by perceptions

Three benefits of doing a brand tracking study.

  1. Discover the latest perceptions about your brand. Forward thinking leaders plan strategic activities using fresh insights. By listening to what Australian’s think about your brand through a short online survey, you will have the latest data to drive decisions and next steps. It only takes a few weeks to collect data, so this can be rapidly responsive to media events, crises or major events that impact your organisation.
  2. Listen well to lead wisely. Leading with strong vision and openness about the facts is essential for excellent communication. However, having a listening posture will help you lead with confidence amidst complex times. Embracing change and starting or continuing to conduct brand tracking studies provides leaders with insights to face uncertainty with a little less anxiety. Listening to your key stakeholders’ thoughts, expectations and sentiment is crucial to finding opportunities from what they want, need, think, feel and expect during this unique period.
  3. Gather demographic-based insights. Your brand is the perceptions your stakeholders have about your organisation’s identity. Australian is an incredibly diverse nation with 3 in 10 Australians born overseas, let alone the differences across six generations within our growing and ageing population. A brand tracking study will reveal alignment and differences from the segments that matter to you. Being informed and equipped to respond to these segments is important work. Without the data, you would be allocating resources blindly.

Australia is increasingly culturally and generationally diverse

Bonus tip!

Tailor your tactics to the latest trends.
Brand tracking studies show differences in results over time. This means that you will be able to see the impact that certain campaigns, initiatives and engaged employees can make in key priority activities when they are effectively resourced. Metrics and key measures can show progress and highlight challenges.

Every business leader faces problems. When it comes to brand perceptions however, using a brand tracking study will help you know the size, shape and strength of any challenges your brand is facing – and this is ever more relevant amidst a global crisis. Understanding the latest perceptions with insights about your demographic cohorts can guide your leadership, strategic plans and resource allocation at a tactical level.

Remember to regularly listen well so you can lead wisely.


Brand tracking studies

Imagine what it is like knowing exactly what people think of your brand. We run ongoing brand tracking studies to help you adjust your communication strategy. Brand studies often include brand awareness levels, perceptions of your brand, strengths, services awareness and testing of future campaign taglines, images and CTAs.