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The Future Report’s Top 10: Our most listened-to episodes

It’s no secret that we love talking about trends that shape the future. And that is how McCrindle’s Future Report podcast was born. Each week, our host Ashley Fell curates an episode that features a discussion with a guest on the trends need to know about.

As we wrap up the year, take a break from the ordinary and join us as we list the Top 10 most-listened-to podcast episodes. From groundbreaking studies to in-depth interviews and insightful discussions, we’ve curated a mix that’ll keep you hooked. So, plug in those earbuds and get ready for a binge-worthy ride into the heart of research-based podcasting.

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1. ChatGPT and how AI will impact the future of education with Mike Abecina
This episode explores the transformative journey of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives over the past decade. With a spotlight on the trend of Humanit-AI, our top #1 podcast episode devles into the increasingly collaborative future for humans and machines. Discover the pivotal role of ChatGPT and its widespread use, sparking discussions on reshaping the education sector.

2. 8 trends shaping 2023 with Geoff Brailey
In the second-ranking episode, we explore the impactful factors shaping the future across a range of megatrends. As futurists, we don’t rely on crystal ball predictions but analyse evidence to extrapolate trends that will influence the years ahead. In a world experiencing constant change, both businesses and consumers can anticipate significant developments in 2023.

3. Generations defined with Mark McCrindle
In our third-ranked episode, “Generations Defined” (2021), social researcher Mark McCrindle takes us on a journey through the significance of generational analysis as he defines each generation, exploring who they are and why understanding them is crucial in our society.

4. The Metaverse and why it matters with Mark McCrindle
Here we delve into the world of avatars, NFTs, blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, virtual and augmented reality—which are all connected to The Metaverse. This episode discusses the evolution of this once vague concept, now hailed as the future of the internet, particularly for Generation Alpha. It unpacks the significance of The Metaverse, Generation Alpha’s role, and why organisations need to understand and engage with it to thrive in the future.

5. In the head of Gen Z with Holly Schaaf and Luke Davies
Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2009, now in their late teens and twenties, are often seen as an enigma by older generations. Yet understanding them is key to the future. Gen Z stands out with unique fashion, music, and language. While age plays a role, we challenge the notion that these traits are mere life stages or passing fads. In this episode, we delve into how generations are shaped by their times, formative technologies, and social markers, emphasising that people resemble their era more than they resemble their parents at the same age.

6. Generation Alpha: The new kids on the block with Mark McCrindle
In our sixth-ranked episode, we introduce a generation that comprises more than one in seven people on the planet. Despite their significant influence on household purchasing power and the future, few are familiar with them. Born from 2010 onwards, these children, known as Generation Alpha, will soon outnumber Baby Boomers and are poised to witness the 22nd Century. In this episode, we unravel the impact and unique characteristics of this emerging generation.

7. Generation Alpha are becoming teenagers with Mark McCrindle
In this episode, we explore the first generation fully born in the 21st century, ranging from 2010 to 2024. The oldest members, born in the same year as the launch of Instagram and the iPad, are on the brink of entering their teenage years. Join us as we delve into the unique characteristics and experiences of Generation Alpha, shaping the future as the first cohort of the 21st Century.

8. Leading teams in changing times with Sophie Renton
In this episode, we navigate the changing landscape of the world of work. From the impact of artificial intelligence and automation to increasing diversity, we explore the factors shaping the 21st-Century workplace. Discover how social and demographic shifts, alongside technological advancements, redefine our expectations in the workforce. Join us as we delve into the key role of diversity, with more women in the workforce than ever before and workplaces becoming increasingly generationally and culturally diverse.

9. How to respond strategically to trends with Mark McCrindle
In our ninth-ranked episode, join our host Ashley Fell as she engages in a conversation with social researcher and futurist Mark McCrindle. Together, they explore effective ways to understand, interpret, and strategically leverage the trends unfolding in the world today. Tune in for insights into navigating the currents of contemporary trends with an expert guide.

10. 2023 Year in review with Sophie Renton
In our final episode of the ranking, we reflect on the closing chapter of 2023, exploring a year marked by demographic changes, social trends, consumer shifts, and evolving technology trends. Join us in this brief yet insightful retrospective as we bid farewell to the events that shaped the past year.

As we temporarily pause this podcast over the Christmas break, we hope you have enjoyed the journey through the Top 10 episodes. In them, we explored the diverse realms of AI, generational shifts, workplace transformations, and societal events that are set to shape the future. From the intriguing emergence of Generation Alpha to the ever-evolving dynamics of the workforce, each episode has been a gateway to understanding our rapidly changing world.

We’ll be back in 2024 with a new season, packed with fresh insights and engaging discussions. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our website to explore more resources, or explore other episodes of The Future Report podcast. Wishing you a joyful holiday season—Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to each and every one of you! We look forward to reconnecting with you in future seasons.

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