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Using the latest educational, generational and demographic insights for school strategic planning.

The challenge

Merici College, a secondary school for girls in Canberra were seeking insights and an independent facilitator to inform their Community Council Open Forum. Along with getting the latest insights in a one hour presentation, they wanted to ensure they listened to the responses of key stakeholders and gathered their input for consideration towards their next strategic plan.

McCrindle hosted a workshop that led their staff, local school leaders, parents and students through McCrindle’s strategic planning process to consider what the data and insights mean for them, highlighting challenges and opportunities ahead.


Drawing on insights from our annual education report we delivered a 1 hour keynote on education trends. Following this, there was a 1 hour workshop to engage stakeholders, discover opportunities amidst disruption and collaborate on ideas to strengthen the school for the journey ahead.

Thank you so much McCrindle for presenting these insights and trends. I have been inundated with visits from the students who attended, who were so happy to have been involved in the workshops, as well as our parents and staff”
- Ros Parisi - Communications and Marketing at Merici College

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