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The Generations Defined report


In recent times, organisational leaders have come to realise the profound impact of massive generational change. While the transitioning of generations is a timeless human reality, many organisations have experienced a sudden awakening to these demographic shifts.

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The Generations Defined report

Understanding and navigating the diverse characteristics of different generations has become more crucial than ever. When people of a similar life stage go through key social, technological and cultural markers in history their attitudes, perceptions, hopes and fears are all shaped by these events. In this report, we delve into the characteristics of different generations as consumers and employees, to facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of their unique perspectives, needs and contributions.

Wheather you’re a team leader of younger employees, or leading a corporation with an intergenerational workforce, this report is essential reading for leaders looking to understand their employees, consumers and the future.

Topics you’ll love exploring:

  • Why generational analysis is important
  • Generational profiles
  • The changing consumer landscape
  • Intergenerational workforce
  • And much more

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive the report after purchasing it?

You’ll receive it immediately. As it’s a digital report you will be able to download it as a PDF to read on any digital device.

Is the report available in a physical format or only as a digital download?

At the moment this report is currently only available as a digital download

Is the report based on reliable data and research?

Yes, The Generations Defined report is the collation of quantitative data collected in an online survey. The survey was in field from 16 June to 23 June 2023 and was completed by 2,003 Australians aged 18-77, representative of the Australian population by age, gender, and state/ territory.

The Generations Defined Report

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