Demographic analysis


Frequently asked questions

  • What is the process when conducting a demographic analysis?
    We have a robust method for demographic scans. There are 4 steps: 1. Defining the area, once we know your objectives we define the area you need insights on before conducting the analysis. 2. Conduct the analysis, we gather data on a range of variables including population size, household & family composition, cultural diversity, education preferences, income, and socio-economic indicators. 3. Future projections, we use modelling to assess how your catchment could look in the future 4. Tell the story, we deliver the analysis in a thorough yet highly readable report that highlights the key insights and trends for you to be aware of.
  • Who is a demographic analysis study ideal for?
    Demographic scans are ideal for a range of people including school leaders seeking data for growth and future planning, business & development managers looking to get data for site expansion or making a business case for capital works funding.
  • What kind of deliverables will I receive?
    We can deliver the insights in a range of formats including interactive heatmaps, infographic summaries, summary reports, comprehensive reports and visual reports.
  • How long does a demographic analysis report take?
    Depending on your exact needs and goals a demographic analysis can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks from project sign off.
  • Why engage McCrindle for a demographic analysis?
    We have a track record of working with a range of industries, our robust approach to research is independent and jargon-free. In addition to that we don't just deliver demographic analysis scans but overlay our wider understanding of global and societal trends to provide a clearer As demographers we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the key social and demographic trends occurring nationally and globally, and all our advice is provided with these in mind.

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