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McCrindle Speakers are experienced researchers and engaging presenters, able to deliver keynotes, strategy workshops and executive briefings.

McCrindle Speakers

Whether you are looking for a keynote address at national conference, an onsite professional development workshop, or a strategy briefing for senior leaders, our presenters have the experience to ensure your event is a success.

Our presenters not only deliver keynote addresses at national conferences but specialise in the delivery of executive level briefings, strategic retreats, executive planning days, and in-house PD sessions that provide top-level industry scans to equip teams with the latest strategies to succeed.

Market analysis briefings guide decision-makers on the latest consumer segments while industry future forums outline the current trends, implications, outcomes, and recommendations of a product or service offering.

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Conference Keynotes

Training Workshops

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Research Presentations

Mark McCrindle

Mark McCrindle | Social Researcher

Mark McCrindle is an award-winning social researcher, demographer, best-selling author and a prominent media commentator.

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Eliane Miles

Eliane Miles | Social Researcher

Eliane Miles is a social researcher, trends analyst and Director of Research at McCrindle. As a data analyst she understands the power of big data to inform strategic direction.

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Ashley Fell

Eliane Miles | Social Researcher

Ashley Fell is a social researcher, trends analyst and Team Leader of Communications at McCrindle. As a trends analyst she understands the need for organisations to engage with the emerging generations.

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Corporate Advisory

We are living in times of great change – not just technologically but also demographically, economically and socially. Organisational leaders are increasingly seeing the importance of business intelligence and social analysis in driving growth. To increase sales, a deeper understanding of customers is imperative; to develop product innovations, an understanding of the changing trends and expectations is required; and to drive productivity, analysis of staff and their motivations is essential.

McCrindle’s advisory service provides environmental scans, boardroom briefings, input into strategic planning processes and delivers research based forecasts and strategy on a retainer or professional fee basis.

Environmental Scans

Boardroom Briefings

Strategic Planning

Demographic Forecasts

Client Round Tables

Research Consulting

At McCrindle, we’re visual translators, we’re information designers, we’re research communicators. To get cut through in these message saturated times, it’s essential that messages are presented in engaging and visual ways.

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Research Visualisation Pack

Whether you’re looking to conduct research from scratch, or if you have existing data that you want to bring to life – get in touch with the McCrindle team.

To see the impact of research visualisation, watch this TEDx talk from our Principal, Mark McCrindle, on why we need to bring research data to life.

Research Visualisation

Media Commentary

As Australia’s leading social researchers, the senior research team at McCrindle are actively involved in media commentary. From demographic analysis and future forecasts, to communication of key research findings and the identification of social trends, at McCrindle we are passionate about communicating insights in clear, accessible and useable ways.

We assist our clients in identifying newsworthy media angles in their research to assist them in communicating the insights effectively with the broader public.

Recent Media Commentary

For any media enquiries please email us at info@mccrindle.com.au, or call our offices at +61 2 8824 3422. To arrange a media interview or if you're a journalist and want to receive our media updates, please email ashley@mccrindle.com.au.

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